Sonia Zarbatany, known to fans and friends as “Coach Sonia,” is an International speaker, life coach, business coach and corporate consultant based out of Montreal, Canada.  She lives her life to impact, from her Coach Sonia events, retreats, and online programs to her “Le Tribe” event space and media agency, Le Tribe Média.


Sonia coaches and speaks on global stages to empower, inspire and impact others to live in the now and dream of a brighter future in their personal and professional lives. An entrepreneur and business owner herself, she has built and scaled several businesses to well over seven figures, and every day coaches her clients to achieve results they only began to imagine when their work with her began. She is finalizing for methodology book on how to live your 10/10 life and launching the soon to be best seller in the new year. 


Sonia is a mom of two and a stepmom of three, and she shares how she balances work and mom life with her community on her social media platforms. Follow her journey on Instagram as she inspires you to live your life to its fullest @soniazarbatany. 

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Master your Mindset

30 days to Live Your 10/10 Mindset

How to finally remove limiting beliefs from your life

So you can build the life you deserve and desire!


Master Your Mindset -  30 days to Live Your 10/10 Mindset. 

4 Week 90min Group Coaching with Coach Sonia

  • Creating your rules and definition of what your 10/10 life looks like
  • Getting clear on your why, purpose, find your fire.
  • What’s stopping you, your limiting beliefs and self sabotage stop today
  • What if we played all out..
  • Unlocking your magic, your x-factor
  •  Mastering your morning routine and building the habits
  • Creating the routine that will transform your life
  • How to gain more focus, stop distractions and destroy negativity,
  • We will  unlock the power of your mind and master your 10/10 Mindset.
  • Implement your new Epic Mindset routine who will unlock your power in every next category of your life
  • Weekly handout and homework to hold you accountable

Join the coach Sonia Inner Circle for the next 4 months! 
And create the life you were meant to live!
- 4 months to devote to your mindset, body, relationships and business. 
- 4 months of weekly group coaching October - mindset, November Body, December relationships and January business
- Daily inspiration from the coach herself, in her private accountability telegram group to help you achieve your goal
weekly Q&A session on the private channel only 
- Bonus: Pivot your Business course! $999 value

Coach Sonia Zarbatany Headshot

Life & Business Coaching

Sonia Zarbatany

Coach Sonia is an international speaker, life coach, business coach, and corporate consultant based out of Montreal, Canada who lives her life for IMPACT.

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