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As a speaker, Sonia brings her expertise and enthusiasm to every room.

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With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Sonia’s expertise encompasses all areas of running a successful and highly profitable corporation, from conception to development and growth.

In 2007, Sonia left her multi-million-dollar business in fashion to pursue her career as a speaker, consultant, life and business coach.As a well-known Montreal influencer, Sonia uses her Instagram following of over 67K to inspire people around the world to become the best version of themselves by giving them valuable and tangible tips on how to shift their mindset and level-up in their personal and professional life. As an international speaker represented by the National Speakers Bureau, Sonia has spoken to sold-out audiences all over the globe and was featured on national and international media multiple times. 

Latest Speaking Topics

As soon as the pandemic started, Sonia devoted her time and energy to supporting as many people as possible. Leading by example, Sonia demonstrated that being resilient and acquiring a warrior mindset is the winning combination to overcome any obstacle. After returning from her Morocco retreat, she pivoted her own business and put into place numerous initiatives to help her community adapt and thrive despite the current pandemic. 

She immediately created a supportive online community and committed to daily coaching calls to help address the issues people were facing in their personal and professional life. She also created “Pivot Your Business in 14 Days,” an online course tailored to help people start-up or scale their business during the pandemic.

Sonia, charismatic personality and energy radiate which enables her to mobilize and help audiences like no other. In the past few months, Sonia spoke in many large-scale conferences, her most recent being in collaborations with TD Wealth Management, Speaker Nation, and Real Success where she spoke to an audience of over 60K.  As a business coach, life coach, public speaker, and influencer, Sonia is committed to helping her clients reach peak performance and achieve long-lasting success.

Women in the workforce

Women have been at the pinnacle of successful businesses for decades, but still aren’t getting equal treatment in the workforce. Sonia’s “Women in the Workforce” talk gives you the skills you need to get what you deserve!


Branding: Building a brand from a-to-z

Building a brand from the onset requires a great deal of market analysis, brand positioning, competitive analysis, development, and an overall business strategy that will ensure your venture will hit intended targets. Once you’ve got the game plan in place, it’s ready, set, go! Sonia has the experience and skill set to guide you through each step.

Maximizing Customer Experience

Learn a few tips and tricks that will optimize your customer experience. From identifying your target audience to developing direct sales techniques or distribution, Sonia will help you understand your brand power so you can maximize customer perception on all aspects of your business. After all, without a customer, what business do you have?

Sales techniques: Retention, cross-selling, follow up

Selling is a skill that requires strong negotiation techniques, a twist of interpersonal psychology, and real-life experience. Once the sale is made, it’s all in the retention, cross-selling, and follow up. Ready to learn it all?

Turn your struggles into strengths!

Finding it hard to convert sales? Need help developing your brand? You might know more than you think! Maximize your skills by implementing various strategies that will strengthen your weak spots. Sonia will help you focus on your X factor and develop your competitive advantage to tackle each struggle and transform them into new opportunities to grow.

7 Principles of Virtual Negotiations

We all know that businesses thrive on sustained, productive and effective performance, but what is the missing piece? The answer is always in the dialogue, with the ingredients known as kindness and empathy. From employees, to colleagues to clients, in a time of crisis, we must lead the dialogue with empathy. Peak performance is no longer simply achieving financial or performance goals, we must be mindful of others and their current journey through this pandemic.
When committing to these key principles, Sonia will give tangible tips and takeaways to create leaders and foster-peak performance according to your corporation's culture and values. The compounding effect of failing to implement key principles of empathy and kindness in the work environment and with clients will be loss of productivity all while facing escalating levels of stress. Therefore, the pathway to dialogue filled with kindness and empathy has become an increasingly important tool for employee success.
Sonia will address the new reality of a post COVID world where your company will lead the way to ensure empathy is at the forefront of all communication, resulting in high performance and employee well-being.

Peak Performance Through Empathy & Kindness

In a world continuously becoming virtual, not only has negotiation become more challenging but we have had to pivot in the way we approach communication in the digital world. Covid-19 has completely transformed our way of servicing our clients and corporations around the world have gone digital in all aspects of the customer experience. From client acquisition to the close, we are now using virtual platforms in all aspects of communication and customer service. Therefore, it is important to understand the seven main principles that make up virtual negotiation. Sonia will address each of the following principles, give concrete examples of how your employees will encounter and implement the principles in their work environment to ensure successful negotiations.

By highlighting how establishing eye contact is key during virtual negotiation since full-body language is not visible throughout the screen, employees will remember to take the time to build a rapport and the connection with the client before getting to business.

Another key principle is to strategically shift your perspective to be firm on the problem while being soft-hearted with the person. During this time of crisis, we must remember to use empathy with clients and associates and take extra time on the call to ensure the client heard and their needs met before getting to the negotiation table.

Other key principles which will be dissected are the importance of focusing on needs rather than positions, being inventive about win-win options in the digital landscape, navigating through the work-life balance chaos of working from home and negotiating virtually, making clear arguments, and being explicit about the step-by-step process to achieve the results they desire.

Pivot Your Business and Mindset 

Never has it be a better time to start or pivot your business. Sonia has developed the most in-depth program to ensure your success! With her Pivot your business in 14 group coaching and online program, Sonia’s keynote speech will help you dig deep into your vision for your new vision, develop the business plan and create the full game plan to execute the business you deserve. After coaching hundreds through the pandemic, Sonia will speak on how to find your X-Factor, your competitive advantage, and allow you to get clear on the next 30 days as you launch your business. Mindset and shifting through limiting beliefs are the missing links to the success of your business, Sonia will coach you through it.

Virtual Socializing and Team Building in the Workforce 

The quality of relationships between colleagues is a determining factor of a healthy and productive work environment. In a context where many businesses must now rely on remote working, Sonia shares her best tips to reinforce the sense of belonging, develop and maintain the relationships within a team. She also gives leaders and senior executives tangible takeaways to morally support and motivate their employees in times of crisis. Using Zoom, teleconferencing, and online tools, Sonia will create a team vision, culture, and develop corporate initiatives tailored to your business.


Mental Health During Covid-19

As the world seems to be shutting back down, fear, anxiety, and depression can quickly take over our lives. Experiencing mental challenges in such uncertain times is absolutely understandable, but we must remember to take care of our mental health just as we do for our physical health. With compassion and empathy, Sonia empowers people to regain control of their life by shifting their mindset from a place of distress to a place of resilience and strength. She will elaborate on the different pillars necessary for good mental health, including the importance of stimulating your intellect, doing physical activity, having a fulfilling social life, and taking time for yourself.


Work/Life Balance: Managing Kids and Career in This New Reality

Being a parent to two kids and three stepsons, Sonia knows how combining remote work and family can be quite a challenge. In addition to staying resilient towards a situation that only seems to get worst, parents must also be a model to their kids and teach them how to deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. Therefore, using her best advice, tips, and tools, Sonia will teach you how to successfully plan your week, establish a balanced family routine, delegate work, avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, and much more. This will help employees find harmony at home and take advantage of this quarantine as an opportunity to grow on a personal and professional level.

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